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How We Treat: Back Pain

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Back pain is VERY common. Eighty percent of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives, and when you’ve experienced back pain once, odds are you’ll have another episode at a later date (we know, it totally sucks... but there is hope). Whether it’s from the stress of lifting something awkwardly, bending the wrong way, or from sitting for too long, the combination of these ‘stressors’ over a prolonged period of time is what typically leads to most back pain. Unfortunately, back pain can also have more sinister causes such as sciatica, herniated discs, various types of arthritis, fracture, infection or cancer. Although these causes of back pain are rare, a thorough examination is required to properly rule them out of the equation. On examination, our therapists often find the lower back, hip flexor and gluteal (bum) muscles overly tight and/or weak. At the same time, our deeper core muscles, whose responsibility it is to stabilize and protect our spine, tend to switch off or weaken. These muscle imbalances can be difficult to overcome on your own and can possibly become chronic without the right advice, but that’s where we come in. Our unique approach to assessment and treatment will have you feeling better right from day one. We combine Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, and Massage Therapy techniques in order to most effectively treat your particular problem. We also understand that not every case of lower back pain requires ‘treatment’, but rather some well guided advice on stretching, movement and some help in calming your anxiety with respect to your pain. Who we work with: if you experience back pain or if you have any of the following symptoms there is a high chance we can help you:

  • You’re getting nagging lower back pain that's stopping you from doing what you love

  • You find your back getting achy and stiff while sitting or first thing in the morning

  • Bending over or performing other simple movements has become an issue due to pain

  • You have trouble standing for prolonged periods due to pain

  • You are getting back pain while running, cycling or other sports


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