Cox Technique is an extremely safe & effective, non-surgical, and
well-researched method of spinal care.  It is most often performed
by chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and some medical
doctors.  The technique is based around a specialized treatment
table built specifically for Cox flexion distraction therapy.  The patient
is positioned prone (tummy down) on the table.  Through specifically
located hinges in the neck and lower back regions of the table, the
therapist can provide gentle flexion, side to side lateral flexion,
rotational, and distraction stretches to the soft tissues around the
spine.  As the table is slowly moved, the therapist uses their hand
to apply a gentle directional pressure to a specific spinal joint.  
These motions help alleviate pain by helping decompress the
spinal joints, allowing greater mobility and less pain for the patient.

Cox Technique is one of the safest, most comfortable, and effective
methods of treating pain in the back or neck from a variety of spinal
conditions, including arthritis and simple strains/sprains.  Patients commonly describe the therapy as ‘feeling like a combination of massage with specific stretching for the back and neck’.  Cox technique has been shown to help safely relieve back and neck pain, allowing a patient to return to their normal daily activities.


Research has shown that Cox Flexion-Distraction technique has the effect of:

  • dropping intradiscal pressure (pressure within the disc spaces between the bones of the spine)

  • widening spinal canal foramina area by 28%, thereby safely and effectively relieving pressure on spinals nerves (think SCIATICA!)

  • returning motion to the spinal joints (the joints between the spinal bones), thereby slowing the progression of Osteoarthritis of the spine

To book an appointment for Cox Flexion-Distraction technique, please call our downtown Ottawa office and ask to see              Dr. Chad Wilson.

Cox Flexion-Distraction Technique

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