Prenatal treatments are safe at any point throughout your pregnancy. Our massage therapists will assess areas of tension and consider your lifestyle and history to tailor the most successful treatment for you. 

Massage therapy can soothe and alleviate pain and tension caused by postural changes as your body adjusts to a growing belly. Low back, sciatic and glute pain, carpal tunnel symptoms and rib tension are some common symptoms mentioned throughout gestation. 

We make positioning modifications to keep you comfortable and supported as baby grows. This often looks like laying on your side supported with lots of pillows, or in a semi-reclined position.

Belly and breast massage are areas you may not have considered in a treatment before. While these are not a part of every prenatal massage, they are discussed individually and are only performed with your consent.

Our wish is for you to feel supported throughout your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery. We work closely with our in-house pelvic floor physiotherapists and encourage most prenatal clients to consider utilizing the two disciplines as complementary therapies. 


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