Can only athletes get Athletic Therapy?

Athletic Therapy is not just for athletes. In a clinic setting, we treat musculoskeletal injuries more than “athletic injuries”. We are trained in postural dysfunction, post surgeries (ACL, Hip or Knee replacements) and repetitive strain injuries. Anyone can utilize Athletic Therapy if they are open to activity with a musculoskeletal issue.

Is Athletic Therapy covered under Physiotherapy for insurance?

No, Athletic Therapy is covered under Athletic Therapy. Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy are separate professions although our skillset overlaps. Athletic Therapists are not trained in assessing or treating neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions like Physiotherapists. AT scope of practice is MSK, emerge and preventative rehabilitation. Our AT’s at Integrate do not provide Acupuncture or manipulations like our PT’s and Chiros. If you do not have AT coverage, ask your provider to add it as the profession is growing.

Is Athletic Therapy all exercise prescription?

Not all AT sessions are exercise prescription but they do play a major part in your rehab plan. An AT may use special tests, modalities like ultrasound or shockwave, and massage in one of their treatment sessions. The treatment will depend on the goals of the patient. You can be sure to education and a home program in every session.