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How We Treat: Neck Pain

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Unfortunately, neck pain and tightness is becoming more prevalent as we become less active and rely more on technology. Aside from the usual neck injuries and poor posture, stress is playing a bigger role in ongoing neck pain and dysfunction. When we get stressed, the 'fight or flight' system is activated in our bodies, sending messages to our muscles to contract. This muscle tension becomes chronic and the tightness reduces our flexibility, leading to neck pain, stiffness and sometimes headaches. We accept anyone who has neck pain for treatment, and have proven success resolving the following neck-related conditions:

  • getting frequent headaches and you'd prefer not to rely on medications

  • feel tightness in the neck and shoulders that doesn't go away completely

  • feel a constant burning pain between your shoulder blades

  • your work involves sitting at a computer and you are having trouble concentrating because of the neck pain

Treatment Our clinic focusses on treatments with an emphasis on one-on-one personalized hands-on care. Our goal is to:

  • decrease pain

  • improve flexibility

  • promote relaxation

  • restore proper function to the muscles and joints around the neck and upper back

Get Stronger

In addition to effective hands on manual therapy, we utilize specific neck strengthening exercises to help get your neck to the point where you can self-manage in the long run. Our goal is to increase neck region resilience so that eventually you won’t need us!

Personalized Movement Plans

It is important for you to learn how to care for your neck and help prevent recurrent episodes.

We'll work with you to devise a program of simple and convenient exercises to decrease pain and improve function.


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