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How We Treat: Elbow Pain

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

Elbow pain can happen suddenly or in many cases, it can progress and intensify slowly over time. A dysfunctional elbow can impact heavily on our day to day function and quality of life, interfering in your work, sport, exercise, and other daily activities. The exact cause, type and location of pain is always unique to each individual, which means there is no single ‘fix’ for all elbow problems.

Below is a list of some of the elbow problems we effectively treat in our clinic:

  • Golfer’s Elbow (aka Medial Epicondylitis)

  • Tennis Elbow (aka Lateral Epicondylitis)

  • Elbow Sprain

  • Biceps Strain

  • Triceps Strain

  • Bursitis

  • Nerve Injuries

  • Dislocations

The root cause of your elbow pain can be quite complicated. Elbow pain can be a result of direct forceful impact to the joint itself, but more commonly is caused by problems arising in the muscles and joints surrounding the elbow. In order to identify the root cause of your problem, our Chiropractors and Physiotherapists utilize a thorough examination that includes an assessment of your mobility, strength and surrounding joints and soft tissues (muscle, tendons and ligaments). This assessment is vitally important in establishing an accurate diagnosis and root cause of your elbow pain.

Our therapists can help guide you through the recovery process with strategic education, hands-on techniques and personalized/targeted exercise programs. In addition to specifically prescribed exercises for the elbow and surrounding regions, modalities such as Graston®, ART®, Dry Needling, Shockwave Therapy and Acupuncture may be utilized to expedite the healing process.

Our treatment programs are individualized to your particular elbow problem, guided by your personal goals and with an understanding of the specific demands of your daily activities. We’ll teach you how to keep your elbow and surrounding joints and muscles healthy by managing these long term physical demands on your body. How you choose to initiate therapy at our clinic is completely your decision.

We have a highly effective team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Registered Massage Therapists and Naturopaths, each with a specific toolkit for addressing your elbow problem. In some cases, patients prefer to start by seeing one particular type of therapist. Frequently, however, patients will start the process with an integrative examination, consisting of a joint-consultation and exam with both a Chiropractor and a Physiotherapist on staff. The team will then form a recommendation for care based on their findings. These recommendations may include just one form of care (eg. physiotherapy alone) or multiple services within the clinic (eg. combination of massage therapy and chiropractic care). Our goal is to meet YOUR goal & effectively managing and alleviating your elbow pain.


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