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Christine Northan


I recently celebrated 10 years as an RMT, and I’m truly inspired more than ever - the body is incredible, and each person so unique. Over the years I’ve grown into owning a treatment style that is more intuitive than technical. A whole-istic approach that not only addresses your specific concern, but considers root cause, daily movements, and lifestyle & environment.
Come as you are. I pride myself in creating a warm & welcoming space, a deeply unwinding experience that brings your nervous system into a more regulated state - where I believe the real magic happens. I also offer foot reflexology, which can be included in your massage therapy treatment, or as its own 60min treatment, all covered under RMT. Look forward to meeting you!

Credentials: Registered Massage Therapy, Certified Foot Reflexology

Learning Institutions: Everest College (2012), School of Complementary Therapies (2013)

Experienced Provider of: Massage Therapy, Prenatal Massage Therapy, Foot Reflexology, chill vibes.

Experiences:  I’ve had all the jobs, from retail to tree planting to the Print industry, I just loved connecting with people more than anything. My fascination with the human body (and more specifically the mind/body connection started with Yoga, which then opened me up to the world of bodywork and alternative therapies.

Interests: My CHILD, creative self expression, Community, curiosity, cycling everywhere all the time, ALL THE NATURE we are nature, CATS, dark coffee, woodsmoke, breathwork & meditation, the human experience, feeling it all. I like to throw my table up at events find me on instagram @thehipjoint

Book your 1-on-1 assessment today. 

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