Mackenzie Sherriff-Clayton RMT

  • Registered Massage Therapist

  • Craniosacral Therapy

Originally from Newmarket, Ontario, Mackenzie began working in Ottawa in 2017
after graduating with honours from the Massage Therapy program at Georgian
College. For 15 years, Mackenzie competed as an elite-level figure skater through
Skate Canada, training 25-30 hours per week. She has a background in dance,
fitness, strength training and yoga as well as mental strategies, tactics and goal
setting. Skating began a lifelong interest in fitness, sports and therapy. Her interest
in massage therapy and rehabilitation began from the various injuries sustained
during her training and the desire to ease others’ transition back to sport and their
daily lives.
Shortly after beginning to work as a massage therapist, Mackenzie started to explore
craniosacral therapy (CST) studying under Gary Keeling through Craniosacral
Therapy Alliance. CST is a very gentle manual technique designed to boost the
function of the central nervous system and is often used to treat concussions,
migraines/headaches, TMJ dysfunctions, digestive conditions, central nervous
system disorders as well as many others. This type of treatment helps to locate an
area of restriction more directly and to facilitate the body’s ability to heal itself.
During treatments, Mackenzie uses a variety of light and deep techniques, including
myofascial, trigger point, Swedish, and CST to find the most efficient way to induce positive change whether it be from an injury, muscle/postural imbalance or the stresses of everyday life on the body.
Outside of work, Mackenzie loves the vibrant and active lifestyle Ottawa offers and
you can find her exploring and hiking outdoors, practicing yoga, and depending on
the season, either skating on the canal or reading a book under a tree alongside it!

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