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Alexandra Chisholm

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Alexandra Chisholm, RMT

Ally came to massage therapy with a background in the Fine Arts, while always having a passionate interest in the human body. Her practice began in 2018, after graduating with valedictorian distinction from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, where she felt like she had come home.


Ally enters each treatment focused on listening intently and understanding your goals, both long-term and appointment-specific. It's important to her to have an open dialogue about how you're going to achieve them together. Her approach strikes a balance between restorative and flowing while using deeper techniques to address the source of pain. 


Education and empowering her clients are what's most important to her. 

Credentials: Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Diploma of Massage Therapy 

Learning Institutions: NSCAD University, Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy 

Experienced Provider of: Massage TherapyPrenatal Massage, TMJ Massage

Experiences: Throughout her learning, Alexandra's placement experience was spent mostly in hospital units, from musculoskeletal to high risk obstetrics. 

Interests: Cooking, houseplant gardening, spending time with her family, swimming, walking in nature

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