Katharine Chancey


Katy Chancey, RMT

Katy Chancey was the first registered massage therapist to join our team at Integrate! Originally from Canada's East Coast, she moved to Ottawa in 2007. She is a former varsity swimmer, a swim coach, and an avid recreational cyclist and triathlete. Katy is passionate about healthy lifestyles and believes that physical activity is essential to living optimally!  


Katy is a specialist in athletic injuries and holds a Sports Massage Therapy Certification.  This designation indicates expertise in applied sports massage, positional myofascial release, dynamic neuro/myo/fascial massage, and prophylactic and supportive taping.  She is also skilled at recognizing and treating muscle imbalances and postural dysfunction.

Credentials: BSc Kinesiology, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) Honours Diploma

Learning Institutions: University of New Brunswick, Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage

Experienced Provider of: Massage Therapy

Experiences: Katy has a combined 10 years of experience in massage therapy and athletic therapy, ensuring that she can help find a solution for your aches and pains!

Interests: Cycling, skiing, practicing yoga, snowshoeing, running, always in search of an adventure

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