Virtual health care

The following care is available at Integrate Healthcare Collective during the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Acute/Emergency Chiropractic Treatments

  • Acute/Emergency Physiotherapy Treatments

  • Virtual Physiotherapy, Chiropractic or Massage Appointments

  • Virtual Medical Appointments for Musculoskeletal Issues (Pain, Strain, Injury, etc).

  • Virtual Psychological Services


To book an in-person (emergency/acute) appointment, please click on the provider’s name whom you wish to see below.


Treating Physiotherapists:  

Joanna Nawrotek, PT (Physio, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Concussion Provider)


Treating Chiropractors: 

Chad Wilson, DC (Chiro, ART, Graston, Medical Acupuncture)

A special message from psychologist Dr. Keyrementang with some important information about how this current situation can affect your physical and mental well-being. She explores the factors affecting our health: 

  - how the changes in our routines, available resources and social interactions can affect your recovery and physical symptoms

  - how the media coverage is portraying our community coping with the pandemic. 

  - how we can continue to support you during this time

  - other resources available to you if you find yourself in distress

Dr. Keyermentang is a clinical rehabilitation and neuro-psychologist who joined our team in March 2020 read more in her bio

Online Payments

Enabling online payments by credit card to allow for continuous care without clinic access and to limit interpersonal interactions

Practitioners will be available for one-on-one video-conferencing or telephone appointments to address questions or concerns for current patients.

Acute Care

Physiotherapists and chiropractors providing care for acute and emergency patients utilizing strict health and safety protocols.

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