Pre-Natal Yoga

Pregnant women who practice yoga 

  • Improve their labour and delivery outcomes

  • Reduce their perceived pain, stress, anxiety sleep disturbances

  • Lessen their risk of premature birth, and

  • Enjoy shorter labor duration


The Prenatal Yoga Program will consist of both strengthening and

releasing postures, together with breathing techniques and relaxation

time. The intention is to create a practice to nurture and prepare your

body through the seasons of pregnancy, and to help you feel good

moving your body. Small class sizes will allow for personalized

modifications and guidance.


Initial Assessment Visit (including internal pelvic floor exam when indicated)        


8 Yoga Sessions                                                                                                      


Physiotherapy extended health coverage may apply to these fees.


Your initial physiotherapy assessment visit must be completed prior to starting the yoga sessions.
Please call 613-230-7891 to schedule your assessment and register for the program, or email us at


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