Clinical Pilates

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These pilates classes are designed for people who suffer from back, neck and hip pain. As well as pregnant and geriatric patients. Our pilates classes will incorporate safe exercises for patients based on clinical findings from an individual assessment performed by one of our Chiropractors. These classes will help you improve your posture, your core strength and help to prevent future injuries.


One-on-one pilates sessions are also available. 

Times, Dates & Location:

TBD due to COVID

Class Structure & Fees:

To register for the classes a Chiropractic Assessment is first completed to assess for injuries and limitations. After the assessment, the chiropractor will pass along their findings to our pilates instructor. 


Chiropractic assessment =$140

1 Hour one-on-one sessions = $80

Pilates Classes $35 x 6 = $210**

*Note that chiropractic extended health coverage may apply to classes**

Please call 613-230-7891 to schedule your assessment and register for the program, or email us at



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